About the Farm

Edible Uprising Farm is the partnership of Ben Stein and Alicia Brown. Ever since we began working in agriculture and homesteading in 2009, we always knew the long term goal was starting our own farm and working to sustain ourselves physically and financially through growing food.  After years of seeking land of our own to no avail, we were connected with a gracious land owner in South Troy, NY with similar ideals, who had been searching for experienced persons to take on the adventure of starting a regenerative agriculture project, right in the throes of the city.  While the urban farm experience was not what we had initially envisioned for ourselves, the opportunity was too great to pass and in 2019, we entered our first year on the property.


About Ben

Ben has been farming and working in agriculture since 2009, and somehow has only become more passionate and more of a geek about plants, tools and growing methods over the years.  Ben received his degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems from Green Mountain College, where he was first exposed to small-scale, sustainable, organic growing and animal husbandry.  Ben has since worked at several different vegetable farms in both Vermont and Colorado where he has honed his skills, deepened his fascination and has had the pleasure to learn from many skilled farmers, especially Jack Manix of Walker Farm in Dummerston, VT. If Ben were to actually have any spare time, he would be brewing beer, baking sourdough bread, or…. farming.  Yes, he loves it so much he would actually farm in his spare time if he had any.

Photo by Waeli Wang

Photo by Waeli Wang

About Alicia

With a background in fine art and design, Alicia’s interest in sustainable agriculture started when she was studying at the Rhode Island School of Design, and was immersed in the subjects of environmental sociology and global food systems.  While navigating the complexities of American conventional culture, she strongly believed there had to be an alternative to the destructive practices ravaging our society and environment.  Emboldened by her passion for food sovereignty, sustainable food systems and social justice, Alicia began immersing herself in the agricultural community of Vermont, which only affirmed her drive to start a farm of her own. Anybody who knows her, knows that there is deep intention and extraordinary quality of craftsmanship in everything she interacts with.  When not in the field, you will most likely find Alicia in her studio either working with leather, binding a new book or in a comfy chair knitting a new pair of socks.


About Yuki

Yuki is our goofball of a dog who acts as our on-farm rodent and deer deterrent, but also offers lots of play and laughter for us during breaks. She may look fierce but she’s a total sweetie who loves all people and dogs.


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