Our Offerings


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Shares

CSA is an acronym for “Community Supported Agriculture”. In essence, it opens up the option for members of the community to become shareholders in the farm’s harvest as the growing season progresses. This relationship allows for farmers to cover their large upfront costs at the beginning of the season, and in turn allows the community to reap the rewards of the season’s bounty. Together, the community and farm experience the variances of each year, and in doing so, both are invested in the successes and failures of the farm’s harvest. Community Supported Agriculture is a vital relationship that has allowed small farms to thrive since its advent in the 1960’s. Without this mutual commitment, the local food movement wouldn’t exist, so becoming a member not only benefits our farm, it benefits the local economy, the environment, and your health.



Farm Stand

Our farm stand is open every Saturday between June and November. There you’ll find our latest bounty, and you can choose from a wide array of vegetables that have just been harvested. You will also find gorgeous flower bouquets from our flower garden. Each bouquet is arranged in order to be unique and striking. Come say hello, get your weekly grocery shopping done and meet some of your neighbors.



Restaurants & Wholesale

We are committed to collaborating with other local businesses in the Capital District. This includes restaurants, value-added food processors, local markets and food co-ops. Whether it is an occasional order, or fostering long term relationships with businesses, we would love to work with you! Find out more below.